Gorgeous Custom Wedding Dress, Bridal Couture by Sonni

Gorgeous Custom Wedding Dress, Bridal Couture by Sonni

Gorgeous Custom Wedding Dress, Bridal Couture by Sonni

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Wow, did we really enjoy working with Bridal Couture by Sonni at Dresser Mansion on this shoot! We are always honored when we get the opportunity to work with other professionals in the industry. When Sonni came to us asking if we’d photograph Julie in this dress, we were so excited! We office in the same building as Sonni at Weddings of Tulsa, and got to watch this custom wedding dress come to life one day at a time. When she told us Julie’s story, we were even more excited! Here is a snippet of Bridal Couture by Sonni’s blog about the dress.


When we first met with Julie she had only be living in America for a few months. She had traveled across the world from Perpignan, France with her Fiancé to become a part of the prestigious Tulsa Ballet Company. We had the pleasure of seeing them both preform in the production “Romeo and Juliet” and they were amazing!!!

From the moment Julie walked in our doors, we know she would be fun. And fun she was!!! Julie didn’t need just one dress, but two! Why you ask? Well she was going to be married in two different countries! Her first wedding was in France with her family. The second was in Armenia, his family!

For her french wedding, Julie wanted something fun, unique, playful. This dress was definitely all 3 of those! Her french dress was a short, cocktail length. The bodice the made of silk organza and silk taffeta. It has an elegant boat neckline to frame her face. The back is completely shear, only being made up of the silk organza and lace. The texture of the bodice is created by layering a stunning gold guinper lace. The skirt is layers and layers and layers of silk organza that have been carefully laid and pleated together.

Before Julie left for home, we had to do a photoshoot to capture her spectacular dresses. So we grabbed her dresses, she grabbed her pointe shoes, and we all headed out to Dresser Mansion to have some fun! We hope you love the photos as much as we do!!! (We can’t wait to show off the other dress next month!!) ~

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