Five Reasons To Take Bridal Portraits

Five Reasons To Take Bridal Portraits

We get the question from brides all the time, “Are bridal portraits really necessary?,” so we decided to put together our top Five Reasons To Take Bridal Portraits.

Get to know your photographer

Photographs are a key part of your wedding day and we want to make you as comfortable as possible with your photographer beforehand. Bridal portraits give your photographer a chance to learn more about you as a bride, and allow them to capture your unique style on your wedding day! Spending time with your photographer at a bridal shoot can help you feel more at ease on your big day, and can help build a valuable relationship.

Trial run for hair and makeup

Bridal portraits are a great time to see how your hair and makeup look in photographs. Taking bridal portraits gives you the chance to make any necessary changes to your hair and makeup before your wedding day! We have found that some brides think they want a certain style of hair and makeup, but change their mind after seeing the final look in their bridals. Seeing your look in bridals can also reassure you that you do in fact love the hair and makeup you have chosen, and make you feel incredibly confident going into your big day.

Options for different locations and seasons

There are so many different locations for you to take your portraits, so why limit it to only your wedding venue? Maybe you want portraits in natural light outdoors and your wedding venue is indoors? You may want to open up to the great opportunity of having portraits taken elsewhere. Plus, it’s always fun to wear your dress and feel pampered in different locations! 

If your wedding is in the summer or winter, you can always look into having portraits done in the spring or fall. Opening up to different season options allows for pictures with lots of natural, bright colors. We know you don’t want to take portraits on the hottest day of the year or coldest day of the year!

See your dress on camera

So many brides love getting the chance to see how their wedding dress looks on camera pre-wedding! Wearing your dress in photographs before the wedding day allows you to see if there are any more alterations you would like to make to your dress. You also get to see which poses you like best for yourself, which can make you more comfortable for photographs on the big day.

Photographs at your reception

Taking bridal portraits allows you to have photographs to display at your reception! Guests love to see a framed photograph of the bride in her wedding dress at the reception. You and your photographer can decide on the perfect image to display.

Five Reasons To Take Bridal Portraits