Katelyn and Luke’s The Springs Event Venue Wedding Video

Katelyn and Luke’s The Springs Event Venue Wedding Video

I have to admit, I got the chills several times as I edited Katelyn and Luke’s wedding video. When I met these two, it was at an event and immediately I knew I wanted to film their wedding. Katey’s parents were there too at this event, and I really connected with her dad. As a father myself, I could just tell that he was the kind of guy I wanted to be around. His love for his daughter, his love for his family. Something about them drew me to them. Turns out, they one to the same college I did, a private Christian university, and we knew we were the perfect fit.

As a Christian myself, I was drawn to these two. Their love was so pure. Even though they are young, I could tell they loved God, and were serious about marriage. I was married at the age of 20, knowing that my wife was who God wanted me to be with. We just knew, and have never looked back. 14 years later, when I see families that remind me of what I am all about, I will fight to get to tell their story.

The day was focused on on them, God. Sure, it was about their love, and their families, but something was different. It wasn’t weird or religious. Just pure, honest, and when it comes down to it, pure love. Gosh, I wish I could explain it better, but there was just something intangible that made me want to work harder, to take such good care of them, and to pour my entire being into making this video everything it could be. That, I did. I only hope that these two can cherish this with their friends and their families for the years to come.

So many moments got me. Mainly ones where Eric, Katey’s dad, was involved. I can just see my daughters who are currently 8 and 2, and know they will be that age in the blink of an eye. I want them to have the relationship with me that Eric has with Katey. I look at Katey’s mom, and I see the relationship between my wife and daughters. It is just something special that can’t be explained. I saw it that day. I know it, and it scares the heck out of me that it will be here for me in such a short time. I do these films, hoping to tell justice to these stories, to give these families an heirloom to look back on for the decades to come. When people who were at this wedding aren’t with us anymore. When they have children of their own, grandchildren of their own. That is what drives me. I could talk all day about the perfect weather, the perfect sunset, sweet moments. But what it comes down to is that these two families are exceptional. These young adults are mature beyond their years, and I am so lucky to have played a small role in the big day.

Thank you to both families for allowing us to capture these moments. Know that we are so thrilled to know you. Thank you for showing me that it can be done. Honored and humbled to know you. John

The Team
Videography / Photography – Redeemed Productions
Venue – The Springs Event Venue at Skiatook Lake
DJ / Lighting – LionsRoad
Makeup / Hair – Hannah Miller Artistry
Florals – Stems Florals
Cake – Ludger’s
Groom’s Attire – Men’s Warehouse
Bridal Boutique – Alyssa’s Bridal
Catering – Simply Amazing Catering

Song – “Last Chance (Alternative Version)” by CHPTRS, licensed through MusicBed,
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