Redeemed Productions was started out of a spare bedroom in 2005. We never imagined that we would be filming and photographing so many weddings all over the country. Our goal is to take you back to your wedding day to relive your joy and love over and over. To produce an heirloom you’ll be proud to show your kids in 20 years. We are constantly changing and growing in order to provide the best wedding films and photos possible. We aren’t here to just make a quick buck. Each couple is very important to us, and we treat you like family. We want to get to know you, and your love story. Our passion is telling stories, and we would love the opportunity to tell yours.

If you love our videos or photos, let’s grab a coffee and talk. We know how important what we do is, and don’t take it lightly. Let’s get to know each other and see if we can help make your wedding day even better!

Our Staff

John Bunn – Owner

John got his start in film at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK in 2003. After attending ORU John went on to do a video/media internship at a local church. After 3 years of filming for the church, he was asked to film a friend’s wedding. After much hesitation, he decided to go ahead and film it, but with his style. The couple loved it and showed all of their friends. This was the beginning of Redeemed Productions. John is married to Heather and has two daughters.

Favorite Restaurant – Smoke. On Cherry Street
Favorite Movie – Pretty much anything from Pixar, and of course The Dark Knight Triology
Best Concert – Ed Sheeran, or Taylor Swift, or Coldplay… probably a 3-way tie
Favorite Dessert – Apple pie and ice cream
Favorite Song to Blast in Your Car – Anything by Taylor Swift of course
Favorite Season – Spring in Oklahoma, Any season because they are all the same in California =)
Favorite Place Visited – Yellowstone National Park, or Hawaii, or Yosemite, or…
Toilet Paper Over or Under – I had no idea this was a thing until I met my wife… but now she tells me it is over
Celebrity Crush – I only have eyes for my lovely wife (cough cough Scarlett Johansson)
Was the dress white or blue – Definitely white and gold

Hannah Bunn – Business Manager


Hannah is our Business Manager. She loves creating lists, and then creating lists for those lists. Her office is super tidy, and she helps keep us all on track. She’s also a photographer, and into theater and basically any type of performance.  She recently married John’s brother, so she’s a Bunn now too!

Favorite Restaurant – Anywhere that has great mac & cheese
Favorite Movie – That’s too hard.  Recently saw “La La Land” and loved it though!
Best Concert – Pentatonix
Favorite Dessert – Cookie dough
Favorite Song to Blast in Your Car – The Classics: Mariah, Whitney, or Celine
Favorite season – Fall
Favorite place(s) visited – Maine, Zion National Park, Dubai, all of Oregon
Toilet Paper Over or Under – Over.  DUH.
Celebrity Crush – love me some Captain America 🙂
Was the Dress White or Blue – I don’t remember.  Blue?

Nina Chappel –  Photography Manager

Nina Chappel is our photography manager. She is originally from the East Coast and has been taking photos for years. She is behind the camera for lots of our newborn shoots, weddings, events, and anything else that needs an amazing photo. She is married to Joey and they have two daughters, Tyler and Penny. The way to Nina’s heart is through two words: Grilled Cheese.

Favorite Restaurant – Brady Tavern
Favorite Movie – Elizabethtown
Best Concert – Coldplay or Bruno Mars, it’s a tie
Favorite Dessert – A cookie dough/fudge cake combo I found on pinterest and is super yummy!
Favorite Song to Blast in Your Car – This changes a lot… 7 years by Lukas Graham
Favorite Season – Spring!  Love it when everything gets green again
Favorite Place Visited – Dominica! It’s a rain forresty island in the Caribbean
Toilet Paper Over or Under – Over for sure!
Celebrity Crush – Taylor Kitsch
Was the Dress White or Blue – White! And I cannot be convinced otherwise

Jessica Book  – Photography

Jessica works in our photography department. She shoots just about everything, puts together all of our engagement books, wedding albums, and runs our ordering sessions. She is the proud owner of a Yorkie, named Bella.

Favorite Restaurant – Cheesecake Factory
Favorite Movie – Frequency
Best Concert – John Mayer
Favorite Dessert – Cookies
Favorite Song to Blast in Your Car – Currently “The Shape of You” Ed Sheeran
Favorite Season – Fall
Favorite Place Visited – New Orleans
Toilet Paper Over or Under – Definitely Over
Celebrity Crush – Channing Tatum
Was the Dress White or Blue – Blue

Rylan McElroy  – Cinematography

Rylan works in our Cinematography department. She edits and films weddings. Rylan is recently engaged herself. The running joke in the office is that Rylan knows everyone. You probably know her somehow, or at least have mutual friends with her on Facebook.

Favorite Restaurant – Osaka! I think I could eat their fried rice for every meal.
Favorite Movie – The Guardian
Best Concert – Coldplay. Hands down. Chris Martin is my hero.
Favorite Dessert – Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. In any form.
Favorite Song to Blast in Your Car – Crystal Baller by Third Eye Blind
Favorite Season – SUMMER. I need all the heat all the time. July weddings? Bring it on. August? Even better.
Favorite Place Visited – Queensland Australia! Everyone is kind and owns a dog. And then there’s the ocean. My kinda place.
Toilet Paper Over or Under – Do people ever really prefer under?? (No offense Morgan)
Celebrity Crush – When I was little it was Max from The Goofy Movie. No one has yet to take his place.
Was the Dress White or Blue – TEAM WHITE AND GOLD!


Morgan Wooldridge  – Marketing / Customer Service

When you reach out to Redeemed Productions about filming or photographing your wedding, you will most likely hear from Morgan. She loves all things weddings, and is great to chat with about what you want for your big day when it comes to video or photo! She also helps us with social media and our blogging.

Favorite Restaurant – Anything that puts queso in my face-o
Favorite Movie – I can quote Elf and Step Brothers like it’s my day job
Best Concert – Miranda Lambert
Favorite Dessert – Cheesecake!
Favorite Song to Blast in Your Car – It’s like raaaaaain on your wedding day, AKA Ironic – Alanis Morissette
Favorite Season – Fall
Favorite Place Visited – St. Thomas!
Toilet Paper Over or Under – Under
Celebrity Crush – Hey Dave Franco
Was the Dress White or Blue – but I saw gold?