Julie + Josh | Feature Film | Auberge du Soleil | Napa, CA

Julie + Josh | Feature Film | Auberge du Soleil | Napa, CA

Julie and Josh’s wedding was absolutely beautiful! From the venue, to the couple, it was perfect! The wedding was held at Auberge du Soleil in Napa, CA. Being from Oklahoma, we always love when we get to travel. The weather never disappoints! As for the wedding day itself, we couldn’t agree more of how beautiful it was. The venue is nestled in the mountains overlooking Napa Valley. The ceremony was located outside on the deck, and the backdrop couldn’t have been any more beautiful.

We arrived early to capture some getting ready footage at their hotel. The atmosphere was light, and calm. Josh was getting ready downstairs, while Julie and her girls were upstairs getting hair and makeup done.

One of our favorite moments in a wedding is when the bride and groom write letters to one another and read them out loud for the camera. We know that it can be a bit intimidating to read a personal letter on film, but every single bride and groom that do it are grateful that they do. We usually kick out all of the people from the room, so it is just a photographer, cinematographer, and the bride or groom reading the letter. Josh was doing his best to hold it together during his letter, and we absolutely love how it turned out. Julie had to stop a few times to keep from crying, but those are the moments that a couple will cherish for a lifetime. We truly are honored to be a part of these special moments.

After getting ready, we headed over to Auberge du Soleil for the ceremony. The sun was bright, and it was a perfect setup for a beautiful wedding. After the “I do’s” we took the couple out to get some photos of just the two of them. Also, a great way for us to get some really good footage is to be able to spend a few minutes with you after the wedding to get some photos. From there, Julie and Josh went into their reception and had a fun-filled evening! A huge thanks to Julie and Josh’s families for treating us so well. We hope you enjoy this film!

Wedding Vendors
Cinematography: Redeemed Productions
Venue: Auberge du Soleil
Photography: Ricky Mia Photography
Florist: Fred’s Flowers
Cake: Sweet on Cake
Catering / Linens : Auberge du Soleil
DJ: DJ Dave Tutton
Makeup: Ashley Bias
Transportation: Napa Valley Tours & Transportation
Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Bride’s Dress: Martina Liana
Wedding Rings: Derco Fine Jewelers
Ceremony Music: Natalia Suseoff
Hair: Megan Bolin-Taylor
Minister: Reverend Rich Menefee

Ryan + Lizzy | Tarp Chapel and Gardens | Highlight Film

Ryan + Lizzy | Tarp Chapel | Highlight Film


Ryan and Lizzy were such a pleasure to work with. They were so sweet and their families were so welcoming to us as we filmed in their beautiful home. When we arrived that morning, Lizzy was as relaxed as could be. She applied some finishing touches and read the sweetest letter from Ryan before their first look. Ryan waited for his soon-to-be-bride outside by the pool, and he had the biggest smile on his face when she came around the corner. They were so happy to see each other!

The rest of the day was so perfect. The bridal party took a limousine to the Tarp Chapel where friends and family filled the room. After they exchanged their vows, everyone made their way back to Lizzy’s parents’ house for an afternoon filled with games, food, and mingling. The entire day was so laid back and we truly felt like guests.

Wedding Vendors:
Videography: Redeemed Productions
Wedding Planner: Mary Fencl
Photography: Jeremy Rydin
Venue: Tarp Chapel and Gardens
Florist: Visions Events
Cake: Icing on the Top
Music: Greg Lynch – Live String Trio
Hair: Miss Jackson’s
Dress: Terry Costa
Catering: Catering Connection
Rentals: Party Pro Rentals

Andrew + Trang | St. Eugene Catholic Church | Highlight Film

Andrew + Trang | St. Eugene Catholic Church | Highlight Film


Andrew and Trang were married at St. Eugene Catholic Church in Oklahoma City. It was a perfect, sunny afternoon at the end of May, and we couldn’t have asked for a better day! Both Trang and Andrew were very relaxed before the ceremony. They read letters from one another, and enjoyed spending time with their bridal party.

Andrew is such a nice and laid-back guy. While he was getting ready, we asked him how he was feeling and his response was, “Excited. Not nervous at all!” We could tell the two of them were best friends and couldn’t wait to be married. Andrew wiped tears from his eyes as he saw Trang walking down the aisle toward him. The ceremony was beautiful! The minister spoke a great homily as the sun peaked in through the stained-glass windows. It was perfect!

The reception was filled with family and friends and the newlyweds made sure everyone felt welcome as they went around to each table to greet them. We loved watching everyone dance and celebrate Andrew and Trang’s special day!


Wedding Vendors:
Videography: Redeemed Productions
Photography: Redeemed Productions
Coordinator: Southern Charm Events
Ceremony Venue: St. Eugene Catholic Church
Reception Venue: Tower Hotel
Florist: French Tulip
Cake: Cakes by Liza
DJ: Gerald Crabbe
Hair: Lush Blow Dry
Dress: Bella Rose
Lighting: IES



Danielle + Joseph | Five Oaks Lodge Wedding | Jenks, OK Wedding Videography

Danielle + Joseph | Five Oaks Lodge Wedding | Jenks, OK Wedding Videography

From the moment we met Danielle, we knew one thing… she was a planner! Our first consultation went for about an hour with her asking every question in the book. She definitely came to the meeting prepared! We didn’t mind at all, because we want our brides to know exactly what they are getting when they book Redeemed Productions. From the moment her and Joseph chose us, we knew they were a good fit for us here at RP. She was so much fun, and is such an easy bride!

On the wedding day, we showed up early and were so excited to be at Five Oaks Lodge. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and we were able to get some amazing footage. Some of our very favorite vendors were a part of this wedding! The entire day was filled with beautiful moments. From the moment Danielle put on her dress, until they made their grand exit they were smiling from ear to ear.

Wedding Vendors:
Cinematography – Redeemed Productions
Photography: Jeremy Rydin Photography
Venue: Five Oaks Lodge
Coordination / Design: Frosted Fields Events
Flowers: The Bridal Garden by Lindi
Cake: Ann’s Bakery
DJ + Lighting: Banks Entertainment
Hair and Make Up: Faccia Bella
Bridal Gown: Bridal Collections by Stella
Chocolates: Glacier Confection

Marissa + Leo | Dominion House | Highlight Film

Marissa + Leo | Dominion House | Highlight Film

If we had to use one word to describe Marissa and Leo’s wedding day, it would be: emotional! Every moment was so heartfelt and pure. Their wedding day was filled with such emotional moments. One of our favorites was when Marissa’s dad gave an impromptu speech just before he gave her away. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as he spoke so highly of Leo, and how special his relationship is with his daughters. We could see that precious relationship between Marissa and her father all day.

The Dominion House was such a beautiful place to film. As soon as the rain came to a stop, we were able to capture an amazing first look outside along the cobblestone path. Leo was nearly speechless when he turned around to see his bride for the first time that day. They have such a genuine love for one another and they continued to show that throughout the day.

Although both families were so culturally different, we loved seeing how they loved one another. They laughed, danced, and celebrated with their children as they came together as one big, happy family. By the end of the night, even we felt like family! We are so thankful to have traveled to their wedding and capture something that will last forever.

Wedding Vendors
Videography: Redeemed Productions
Photography: Redeemed Productions
Wedding Coordinator: Leslie Herring
Venue: The Dominion House
Florist: Tony Foss
Cake: Amy Cakes
Band: String & Sound
Hair / Makeup: Blo.
Dress: The Bridal Boutique

Keith + Whitney | FUMC and The Mayo Reception

Keith + Whitney | FUMC and The Mayo Reception

Since the day of Keith and Whitney’s wedding, we have been so anxious to edit their film! We cannot get over how adorable they are. At the reception, the maid of honor talked about Keith and Whitney giving each other “googly eyes” all the time. As soon as she said that, we knew EXACTLY what she was talking about. The entire day, they looked at one another as if they were the only people in the room. Keith and Whitney are totally in love, and we believe that is evident in this film.

Whitney is really close with her parents. Even during the first consultation at our office, her mom could barely hold back the tears. We were able to capture so many precious moments that exemplifies the relationship she shares with them. Whitney’s dad gave one of the most sentimental speeches we have ever heard. When he started talking about the day she was born, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room! Moments like this help us appreciate why we do what we do.

The reception was so much fun! After the ceremony, family and friends waited for Keith and Whitney to arrive downstairs at The Mayo. From that point on, the rest of the evening was a huge celebration and we are so happy that Keith and Whitney chose us to be a part of their special day.

Wedding Vendors:
Videography: Redeemed Productions
Photography: Andrea Murphy Photography
Wedding Venue: First United Methodist Church Tulsa
Reception Venue: The Mayo Hotel
Dress: Low’s Bridal and Formal Shoppe
Flowers: Divine Designs by Mandy
Cake: Ms. Laura’s Cakes
Hair / Makeup: Faccia Bella
DJ: Infinity Music 
Transportation: Old Urban Trolley, Inc.

Donald + Kate | Camp Loughridge | Wedding Highlight

Donald + Kate | Loughridge | Wedding Highlight

Donald and Katherine’s wedding day was an excellent example of what we live to capture. We were able to do both photography and videography for them, which we absolutely love! It was so full of personal and emotional moments! They spent the afternoon getting ready at the Mayo, which is personal to them because it’s their last name. One of our favorite things to film is the first look between the bride and the groom. It’s different every time, but each one is so memorable. Kate walked down the marble staircase in the lobby of the hotel, and Donald was amazed when he turned around to see her for the first time as his bride. We couldn’t blame him, she looked gorgeous!

Kate was so thoughtful and made sure everyone felt included and loved. She gave the sweetest handkerchief to her mother, just before she laced her dress up. Moments between a mother and daughter are one of our favorite things to film!

Kate has two great father-figures in her life, and was able to share a first look with them. They were both blown away by how beautiful she looked! She handed them both a handwritten card and it got pretty emotional at that time. Another great moment was during the ceremony when her grandfather prayed a blessing upon Donald and Kate. They both have so many great people in her life, and we could see that clearly on their wedding day.

The reception was beautifully decorated with colored bistro lights and gorgeous centerpieces. Everyone had glow sticks for the dance floor, which they had a lot of fun with! Our team had so much fun at Kate and Donald’s wedding, and by the end of the night, they truly made us feel like guests. That’s definitely a quality that we really appreciate in all of our couples!

Wedding Vendors:
Videography / Photography: Redeemed Productions
Coordinator: Sharon Holm
Wedding Prep: The Mayo Hotel
Venue: Camp Loughridge
DJ: LionsRoad
Florist: Petal Pushers
Cake: Ludger’s Catering & Events
Hair / Makeup: Berkshire Salon & Day Spa
Dress: Bridal Boutique in Norman


Micheal + Sydney | Tahlequah Wedding Videography

Micheal + Sydney | Tahlequah Wedding Videography

Sydney + Micheal | Tahlequah, OK from Redeemed Productions on Vimeo.

When we met Micheal and Sydney, we knew they would fit perfectly as a couple for RP. These guys are so laid back, and such a breeze to work with. Over the years, we have filmed hundreds of weddings, and we have realized that the ones that are easiest for us to get great footage are the ones where the bride and groom let us do our jobs, and trust us with their film. Micheal and Sydney completely trusted us to make this film, and we think it shows on the edit. They just did what we want our couples to do, enjoy the wedding! You’d be so surprised to see how many brides are so worried about the details that they forget to stop, take a deep breath, and just enjoy the moment. This was definitely not the case for Sydney and Micheal.

From the moment we arrived, until we said good-bye, we had a blast. Such an emotional day, filled with tears of happiness and joy. Moments like the first look where Micheal couldn’t hold in his tears, to the reading of the letters each had written to one another make us love what we do. We were honored to be a part of this day.

Sydney lost her father unexpectedly about a year before the wedding, and we were all in tears when her close family friend Scott stepped in to dance with her to a song that Micheal had recorded for her. We have so many nice things to say about this couple, and can’t wait for their friends and family to enjoy this video with them!

Cinematography: Redeemed Productions
Photography: Watson & Payne Photography
Ceremony Venue: First United Methodist Tahlequah
Reception Venue: Armory Municipal Center of Tahlequah
Florist: A Bloom Flowers and Gifts
Cake: Dr. Robyn Pursley
DJ: Cliff Casteel
Ceremony Music: Thomas Trapp & Dana Hazard
Hair + Makeup: Remedy Blu Salon
Wedding Dress: Abelina’s Boutique
Caterer: Mahylon’s Catering

Cody + Teresa | Christ the King and Tulsa Country Club | Feature Film

Cody + Teresa | Christ the King and Tulsa Country Club | Feature Film

Cody and Teresa were so much fun to work with. They were just filled with energy the entire day! Teresa and her girls had so much fun dancing and getting ready in the Mayo Hotel’s Celebrity Suite. We were laughing and having a great time right along with them. Teresa is the type of girl whose happiness is contagious, but she also has a very tender heart and can get emotional pretty quickly. One of those moments was her first look with her dad and brothers. They were all so happy to see each other, but when her dad opened up a personalized handkerchief from Teresa, the tears came flowing as he tried to read what it said. It was such an amazing moment to be a part of, and there definitely wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Teresa’s great uncle spoke a great message to Cody and Teresa during the ceremony and we could tell that meant the world to them. After the ceremony, the bridal party rode the Old Urban Trolley to the Tulsa Country Club where Pistol Pete even made an appearance! The reception was so much fun. Friends and family danced, laughed, and sat around the fire on the back patio. Cody and Teresa are perfect for each other and we are so happy that we were a part of their beautiful day!

Wedding Vendors:
Videography: Redeemed Productions
Photography: Randy Coleman Photography
Venue: Christ the King
Reception Venue: Tulsa Country Club
Florist: Tasha Bartholic
Cake: Cathy Christel
DJ: DJ Connection
Dress: Abelinas
Hair / Makeup: Jonathan Justus and Devin Keith
Transportation: Old Urban Trolley

Grant + Kyra | Fairview Community Center | Fairview, Oklahoma

Grant + Kyra | Fairview Community Center | Fairview, Oklahoma

Grant and Kyra’s wedding was definitely one to remember! The entire day was such a big celebration and they made us feel like family right away. It seemed like the whole town gathered in the Fairview Community Center to celebrate Grant and Kyra’s union. There were so many loving and caring people surrounding them. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, which is one of the reasons why we LOVE small town weddings.

Every detail of the day was incredible, from the personalized newspapers at each seat, to the cakes used as centerpieces for every table. Kyra’s sister, Rylie, was actually an RP bride too, and she did such a beautiful job of planning their big day. We had so much fun catching up with familiar faces, as well as capturing the most important day of their lives. Grant and Kyra definitely rang in the New Year with a party that no one will forget!


Wedding Vendors:
Videographer: Redeemed Productions
Photographer: Candi Coffman
Hair: Rylie Sproul
Makeup: Jamy Green
Dress: The Bridal Shop
Live Band: Dave and the Wavetones
Cake: Beverly Bierig