Chelsea + Dalton | Summer Dresser Mansion Wedding | Wedding Photography

Chelsea + Dalton | Summer Dresser Mansion Wedding | Wedding Photography


Chelsea and Dalton are playful and sweet with one another and that was certainly evident throughout their wedding day.  The genuine laughter we were able to capture in their photos, the way they smeared cake all over each other’s faces and the adorable otter cake toppers are some great examples of how much fun they have together. (more…)

Matt + Courtney | Classic Mayo Wedding | Wedding Photography

Matt + Courtney | Classic Mayo Wedding | Wedding Photography

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Matt and Courtney’s wedding day was long-awaited and they were so excited to be married to each other!  We think they complement each other perfectly and are so honored that they chose us to capture their special day.

The ceremony was at First Baptist Church of Tulsa and the vows were incredibly heartfelt.  Matt gave Courtney an epic dip-kiss at the conclusion of the ceremony and then they had a balloon grand exit with just their family and friends!  Their reception was at the classic Mayo Hotel and the live band really added to the fun atmosphere!  We love that Courtney decided against throwing a bouquet and instead threw individual flowers so that all the ladies would feel included.

Matt and Courtney are such a sweet couple and we’re so glad they found each other!

Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Photography – Redeemed Productions
Wedding Videography – Redeemed Productions
Ceremony Venue – First Baptist Church Tulsa
Reception Venue – The Mayo Hotel
Wedding Coordinator – Life of the Party
Cake – Ms. Laura’s Cakes
Entertainment – Souled Out
Bride’s Hair – Sharon Hemphill Salon
Bridesmaids’ Hair – Faccia Bella
Makeup – Jammie Kelley
Groom’s Attire – Jos. A Bank
Wedding Dress – Moliere Bridal
Lighting – Life of the Party
Rings – Israel Diamond Supply
Catering – The Mayo Hotel
Rentals – Party Pro
Photo Booth – Route 66

Matt + Courtney | Classic Mayo Wedding | Wedding Photography

Katherine + Cody’s Wedding at Noah’s Event Venue in Tulsa, OK | Wedding Photography

Katherine + Cody’s Wedding at Noah’s Event Venue in Tulsa, OK | Wedding Photography

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Katherine and Cody’s wedding was so much fun! We did both video and photo for their wedding. The wedding was at Noah’s Event Venue in Tulsa, OK. Although the weather was hot, we were able to sneak outside for a bit to get some great photos too. This venue is a perfect place for a wedding. Everything is right there, all in one spot, which makes it easy to save time!

We loved working with these two, because they truly trusted us. That is so important on the wedding day. They weren’t micromanaging us, worrying about whether or not we were getting “the perfect shot.” This allows us to get creative, and really get some amazing photos. Some of our favorite moments had to be the letters. When Cody was reading his letter from Katherine, he got choked up a few times, which made us a little teary eyed as well. The entire evening was filled with fun!

For this blog, we decided to put over 100 images. Most of the time, we will just show you our top 30-40 favorites, but we really wanted you to be able to see beginning to end what we can do for you. The images are laid out how we would put them in your wedding album, so you can get a feel for what it would be like when we do yours!

Wedding Vendors
Photography – Redeemed Productions
Cinematography – Redeemed Productions
Venue – Noah’s Event Venue
Coordination / Design – Tulsa Weddings & Design, Sharon Holm
Florist – Tasha Bartholic
Cake – Frosten’s
DJ – Lionsroad
Makeup – Michelle Mireles
Groom’s Attire – Men’s Warehouse
Bride’s Dress – Nolte’s Bridal
Lighting – Noah’s Event Venue
Bride’s Engagement Ring – Israel Diamond Supply
Groom’s Wedding Band – Tivol
Bride’s Jewelry – Nolte’s Bridal
Catering – Silver Dollar Catering
Rentals – Party Pro Rents
Photobooth – Elite Custom Photo
Stationary – Paper Girl

Braden + Kristina | Spain Ranch Wedding | Sneak Peek

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We had SO much fun at last weekend’s wedding at Spain Ranch. Braden and Kristina were a dream to work with, the venue was beautiful as always, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather! We were even able to open up all the doors to let the perfect light breeze in during the ceremony.

We loved being able to work with some of our all-time favorite vendors! Everyone came together to make Braden and Kristina’s dream come true. We can’t wait to edit their full length film, but we can enjoy this teaser for now!



Wedding Vendors:
Videography: Redeemed Productions
Photography: Jeremy Rydin Photography
Venue: Spain Ranch
Flowers: Ever Something Event Styling
Drapes: Daniel Weir Design
Cake: Antoinette Baking Co.
DJ: DJ Connection
Hair: Natalie Bravo
Makeup: Lindsey West
Dress: Bridal Elegance Tulsa
Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Jewelry: Nordstrom Rack
Catering: Just Catering By Orr
Rentals: Party Pro Rents

Robert + Emily | The Land in Catoosa, OK | Highlight Film

Robert + Emily | The Land in Catoosa, OK | Highlight Film


Emily is the type of person you want to be around all the time, which is EXACTLY how we knew we had to film her wedding! The first time we ever met her, we could not stop laughing. She is hilarious and was so giddy about getting married! Robert is in the Air Force and is stationed in England, so we weren’t able to meet him until the day of the wedding. When we did meet, we knew exactly why Emily was so excited about marrying him. He is seriously the sweetest! Everyone loves him and that was really evident throughout the day. The speeches were filled with such kind words about the both of them, but especially about how Robert is the perfect guy for Emily.

It is really easy to get caught up in the stress of your wedding day. There are so many things to be done, and quite often, not a lot of time to focus on one another. Robert and Emily’s wedding was different. They were there for one reason and one reason only, to get married! They really understood the meaning of marriage, and we loved being able to witness that.

One of our favorite parts of the day was the “first look” around the corner. They were SO excited to see each other, and they were happy just to be holding hands! Both of their personalities really came out during that moment, and we love that we were able to capture it. Robert and Emily are so important to us, and we plan on staying in touch with them for many, many years!

Wedding Vendors:
Videography: Redeemed Productions
Photography: Amanda Lassiter Photography
Venue: The Land
Flowers: Catoosa Flowers
Hair / Makeup: Haley Snodderly
Cake: Graham’s Bakery

Deavon + Sam | Camp Loughride | Highlight Film

Deavon + Sam | Camp Loughride | Highlight Film


Deavon and Sam were truly a pleasure to work with. They were so sweet and considerate, and of course totally in love with one another.

We’re sure many of you have heard the piece of advice “Take the time to enjoy your wedding day, it goes by so fast!” One thing we noticed during their wedding day, was that Deavon and Sam definitely took time to cherish every moment. They took the time to read letters from one another, cry, pray for one another, laugh, and have a good time. There wasn’t an ounce of stress that day. We could tell they were there to marry one another and that’s all they cared about.

Sam was very emotional. It was evident that he had been waiting for this day for a long time, and he didn’t hold back his feelings! He was in awe of Deavon, and treated her like a queen. We love filming at Camp Loughridge, and it was so awesome to be a part of Sam and Deavon’s special day!

Wedding Vendors:
Videography: Redeemed Productions
Photography: Picturesque Photos by Amanda
Venue: Camp Loughridge
Flowers: Bridal Garden by Lindi
Cake: All Things Cake
Catering: Aila’s Kitchen
DJ: Lions Road
Dress: Bridal Elegance
Other: Josh’s Sno Shack

Jessica + Jarrod | McGranahan Barn | Highlight Film

Jessica + Jarrod | McGranahan Barn | Highlight Film

Since the day we first spoke with Jessica on the phone, we just knew we had to film her wedding. She was so sweet, considerate, and everything we look for in a bride!

We love filming country weddings, because at the end of the day, we always feel right at home. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, which made our job even easier! One of our favorite things about Jarrod and Jessica, is how goofy they can be around one another. Although they continued to show their love for one another all day, they were able to laugh and be silly as well (such as when they vowed to love each other through all the hunting seasons, and when Jessica vowed to comfort Jarrod when OSU loses).

Every detail of their day was so special. From the wedding date stitched into Jessica’s dress, to the way they honored their parents by displaying their wedding photos, this wedding turned out to be as sweet as Jessica and Jarrod themselves.

Wedding Vendors:
Videography: Redeemed Productions
Photography: Ashley Sunderland Photography
Coordinator: Maree Treece
Venue: McGranahan Barn
Florist: Garden’s Edge
Cake: Buttersweet Cakes
DJ: OKC Entertainment
Hair / Makeup: Kelsey Kruse
Dress: Molliere Bridal
Vendors: Swadley’s BBQ

Brooke + Asher | Gaillardia Country Club | Highlight Film

Brooke + Asher | Highlight Film

Asher and Brooke’s wedding was filled with moments that we love to capture. One of our favorite moments of their wedding day, was when Asher took time out of the ceremony to pray for his bride. It was one of the most heartfelt, genuine prayers we have ever heard! At that time, we knew that Asher and Brooke were going to have a very successful marriage. There were so many people supporting them, and we could feel the love that both families had for one another as they merged into one family.

Father-daughter first looks are on our list of favorite things to film. But we LOVE when brothers are included in that moment. Brooke is very close with her two brothers, and that was very evident when they saw her in her wedding dress for the first time.

The reception was at the beautiful Gaillardia Country Club in Oklahoma City. It was so much fun to watch all of their friends and family celebrate Asher and Brooke’s new journey together. From the sweetheart table, to the photobooth, everything was perfect.

Wedding Vendors:
Videography: Redeemed Productions
Photography: HolliB Photography
Coordinator: Emily Peck
DJ: Chasen Shaw
Wedding Dress: Silhouette Bridal
Photo Booth: Pics2Remember
Cake: Uptown Grocery
Makeup: Sooo Lilly
Hair: Duncan Brothers
Florist: Floral FusionUptown Grocery

Ryan + Lizzy | Tarp Chapel and Gardens | Highlight Film

Ryan + Lizzy | Tarp Chapel | Highlight Film


Ryan and Lizzy were such a pleasure to work with. They were so sweet and their families were so welcoming to us as we filmed in their beautiful home. When we arrived that morning, Lizzy was as relaxed as could be. She applied some finishing touches and read the sweetest letter from Ryan before their first look. Ryan waited for his soon-to-be-bride outside by the pool, and he had the biggest smile on his face when she came around the corner. They were so happy to see each other!

The rest of the day was so perfect. The bridal party took a limousine to the Tarp Chapel where friends and family filled the room. After they exchanged their vows, everyone made their way back to Lizzy’s parents’ house for an afternoon filled with games, food, and mingling. The entire day was so laid back and we truly felt like guests.

Wedding Vendors:
Videography: Redeemed Productions
Wedding Planner: Mary Fencl
Photography: Jeremy Rydin
Venue: Tarp Chapel and Gardens
Florist: Visions Events
Cake: Icing on the Top
Music: Greg Lynch – Live String Trio
Hair: Miss Jackson’s
Dress: Terry Costa
Catering: Catering Connection
Rentals: Party Pro Rentals

Donald + Kate | Camp Loughridge | Wedding Highlight

Donald + Kate | Loughridge | Wedding Highlight

Donald and Katherine’s wedding day was an excellent example of what we live to capture. We were able to do both photography and videography for them, which we absolutely love! It was so full of personal and emotional moments! They spent the afternoon getting ready at the Mayo, which is personal to them because it’s their last name. One of our favorite things to film is the first look between the bride and the groom. It’s different every time, but each one is so memorable. Kate walked down the marble staircase in the lobby of the hotel, and Donald was amazed when he turned around to see her for the first time as his bride. We couldn’t blame him, she looked gorgeous!

Kate was so thoughtful and made sure everyone felt included and loved. She gave the sweetest handkerchief to her mother, just before she laced her dress up. Moments between a mother and daughter are one of our favorite things to film!

Kate has two great father-figures in her life, and was able to share a first look with them. They were both blown away by how beautiful she looked! She handed them both a handwritten card and it got pretty emotional at that time. Another great moment was during the ceremony when her grandfather prayed a blessing upon Donald and Kate. They both have so many great people in her life, and we could see that clearly on their wedding day.

The reception was beautifully decorated with colored bistro lights and gorgeous centerpieces. Everyone had glow sticks for the dance floor, which they had a lot of fun with! Our team had so much fun at Kate and Donald’s wedding, and by the end of the night, they truly made us feel like guests. That’s definitely a quality that we really appreciate in all of our couples!

Wedding Vendors:
Videography / Photography: Redeemed Productions
Coordinator: Sharon Holm
Wedding Prep: The Mayo Hotel
Venue: Camp Loughridge
DJ: LionsRoad
Florist: Petal Pushers
Cake: Ludger’s Catering & Events
Hair / Makeup: Berkshire Salon & Day Spa
Dress: Bridal Boutique in Norman