Wedding Photography

What is the most important thing you want to take away from your wedding? Most people would answer photo and video from the day. We would have to agree. We really understand how important these moments are for us to capture. We are taking pictures that will outlive everyone at the wedding. We are not only taking photos, but we are giving you heirlooms. In a world filled with perfectly curated Instagram feeds, we want to get back to the reason you are even getting married in the first place. You get one chance to do this right. Do you want to hire a friend that “takes photos on the side” or are you going to hire someone that is a true professional to document the day? If photo and video is the most important thing to you, why would you trust someone that hasn’t done this for a long time. Nina has been shooting weddings for 10 years. Almost 400 weddings she has photographed. There’s something you learn with experience like this. It is more than just the pretty Instagram photos. It is the heirlooms we are giving you. We don’t just show up on the wedding day to take photos. We take the time to get to know you. To know the good stuff, the bad stuff, and everywhere in between. We are real, and vulnerable with our couples. They are the same back to us. If we can’t feel like family, we don’t want to be there on your wedding day. We know that the magic happens when you trust us completely. We know that the magic happens when you forget we are even there with a camera.

You might be the perfect RP Bride if:
1. Photo heirlooms are at the top of your list
2. You love our images (pretty big one)
3. You care about how much you actually enjoy your wedding day
4. You see true value in wedding photography, and will stop at nothing to get exactly what you want


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