Well, this one was super emotional for me (John). My youngest brother Tim, and his best friend Hannah fell in love and the rest was history. Speaking of history.. these two have been together throughout most of the history of my life. They met when Tim was only a kid, and in high school. Hannah was already in college, and met Tim through my older brother Zach. For years, they would always hang out and were just so flirty. The only one that didn’t realize it was Hannah. I think she kept fighting it because she knew Tim as the little brother. My family always gave Tim a hard time, asking when Hannah would realize she was in love with him. I think that moment came last year when Hannah decided to move back to Oregon to work at her church. Soon after she moved back, I think they both realized that they didn’t want to do life without each other. It was so funny, as they were within minutes of each other for so long, but never dated. It took her moving 1500 miles away to realize what she was missing out on with Tim. Soon after she moved out there, we were all surprised and excited to find out that the two best friends were no longer just best friends. They were a couple. Everyone tried to contain their excitement, as we didn’t want to scare her off, haha! If there were ever two people that were more perfect for each other, I have never met them. Seriously, it is almost gross it is so perfect. So after a year of long-distance dating, Hannah decided to move back to Tulsa and work for me at Redeemed Productions (yep! We keep it super close in our family!). Over Christmas Tim popped the question, (and boy was Hannah ready for it!). After they announced they were married, plans began for their wedding in Tulsa. But every time I talked to Hannah, you could just tell that she wasn’t super stoked about anywhere she was finding. Hannah doesn’t like to put people into a position where they would have to spend money, or travel, but you could tell she really wanted to do a wedding somewhere in nature. We had them over to the house one night, and I remember asking Hannah.. “in a perfect world, where would you get married?” Almost immediately she said “Oregon.” I then told her if that is where you want to do it, you HAVE to go to Oregon. Who cares if it was inconvenient for a few people. If that is where she wanted to go, then do it! And I am so happy they did. Wow! Fast forward a few months, and we had the pleasure of heading to Multnomah Falls in Oregon. It is that super pretty place that you see pictures of with the big waterfall (600 feet plus) and an amazing bridge in front of it. Yeah, they got married there. Enough rambling,.. the point is they did the wedding the way they wanted to do it. They are super cute, and we couldn’t be happier for them. I cried several times on the wedding day, and while editing this one. We love you guys, and are so happy to welcome Hannah to our family.

This is the best gift we know how to give. From our family to yours, we love you!